Saturday, March 17, 2007

A long week

It's been a long week. Usually, I get up on Saturday morning and think: Where'd the week go? Not so, this one.

It started Sunday with an ocular migraine, something I can do without from now on thankyouverymuch. I sat down at the computer between church and going to Sunday dinner (noon meal in the South), and couldn't see the screen for all the black and white zig-zag afterimages. When they didn't go away, I had a consult from the spouse and by the time we had a diagnosis and a website for me to understand, the images were gone.

Maybe I was stressed. My father had to have day surgery (but we didn't know for sure he'd be coming home that night) on Monday. Considering he has Alzheimer's, he was a trooper--once he got the catheter out on Tuesday morning. Until then, we had a couple of scary moments, made smoother by a competent woman who sat with him for two nights. He would appear to be back to near-normal now.

But the week was shot. I'd planned a girls' trip on Tuesday to Dallas (for a trip to a spice store and Indian food) which didn't just get rescheduled, but cancelled. My regular trip to check on Daddy's business was put off a day. The flower beds needed looking after, I had to check on Daddy more, and if I didn't sit down and finish the baby gift, I would be handing an IOU to the daughter-in-law come the baby shower next Sunday. Plus, we were kitten-sitting (although they are grown cats) for the son and daughter-in-law and until everyone gets their territory re-established, there's a lot of hissing from the host cats.

However today is gorgeous outside, I'm headed to a DARA meeting and then picking up a belated Christmas gift for one of the sons. Home, only to turn around go back to Dallas for an evening out with friends. It's for Indian food, and my week gets to come full circle.


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