Monday, March 05, 2007

Finishing the frozen goods

Finally got around to the last of the in-house Bertollis (although I see from their ad they have 11 varieties, our Wal-mart carries but 8), the Grilled Chicken Alfredo with portobello mushrooms. I'd rate it as "okay." In general, I've found their shrimp entrees to be more to our liking and when they--what a nice surprise!--put a dollar coupon in yesterday's paper, I promptly cashed it out today for the Shrimp in Diavolo Sauce.

We've also tried two shrimp entrees from Contessa, a brand not available locally, but occasionally, we get out of town. While both claim to be 'restaurant quality', I'd like better than the Shrimp Stir-Fry. I felt I could have made it myself. The Shrimp Primavera, however, was quite to our liking.

They, too, have many more varieties, but they weren't available, even out of town. Also, they are $1.50 more than the Bertollis (without a coupon) and for that, I really could make my own.


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