Saturday, February 10, 2007

Playing catch up!

It's time to review all that I've written before this and make adjustments and amends.

Chicken Parmigiana and Penne from Bertolli. Good. I've like a few better, but it was a solid meal.

I've added links to my sidebar:
C.S. Harris: Loved her historical romances as Candice Proctor. Was very disappointed when she switched to historical mystery with the St. Cyr novels. Then I read one. Disappointed no more. Her blog is a mix of post-Katrina New Orleans and writing lore.
Celebrate Romance: Group of dedicated readers join forces once a year to celebrate the genre we all love. This year it's Kansas City.
Romance Junkies: Review site. Inter-view site because they interviewed me. From the main page, follow the author interview link.
Romancing the Blog: Writers, readers and industry pros discuss romance writing from every side. I've penned a couple of columns accepted for 'open blog' night.
The Rejecter: Young woman in an agent's office offers a no-nonsense view of the publishing industry. Not pretty or kind, but always illuminating.

Meerkat Manor: I hear there's a third season but I can't find a start date. Hope springs eternal, etc.

No more raccoons since One and Two jolly well took themselves to the country. Well, okay, we gave them a lift.

Taping the TV:
Still watching Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters has survived the season. It has become better.
Studio 60 on Sunset Strip has fallen off our radar, Vanished fell off Fox's, but 24 continues to make our day. And Antique Roadshow. How come I don't have a treasure worth a quarter of a mil either stuffed into a corner of the attic or left to me by an eccentric aunt?
Veronica Mars is finally back to first season snuff and Boston Legal continues to amuse.
Friday Night Lights has moved to Wednesday and I really don't appreciate it. Now it's on with all the other good programs. Since when did Wednesday become the go-to night? Bones is better, but my jury is out on Lost until I see another episode. At least they moved it to 9 CST.
My Name is Earl is okay this season but the freshness is gone. Ugly Betty is a guilty pleasure--love it! love it!--and Grey's Anatomy is not to be missed.
1 vs. 100 has caught my imagination but there are so many commericals, I run the tape through in about 20 minutes.

BISS: Because I Said So Movie Guide:
I'm way behind here, so I'll just do a couple.
"Dream Girls": Somewhere between matinee and full-fare worthy. I already had the CD soundtrack so I was familiar with the songs.
"Venus": Saw this yesteray at an indie-house matinee. For most people, I'd recommend it as Rent It, although I enjoyed it. It was lovely to see the female protagonist grow.

On finding one of my books listed on a used book site:
It has to be one I sent in for a contest. I did enter this one in several last year and since the judges could be all over the country, that has to be the explanation.

Caught up!


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