Monday, February 05, 2007

Ad-ing up the Super Bowl

Since everyone else has an opinion about the commercials presented during last night's Super Bowl, I see no reason not to also.

As a whole, they were a disappointing bunch, but they're also the only reason I watched--and took notes! Knowing that the audience might not only desert to other activities but also be bored by a typically dull game (it wasn't), the best were in the first half.

Taking notes during the game was a lot like outlining a book. An order appeared and I'd never given thought to that before. But if one is selling ad time at over two million dollars per thirty second spot, order must be established.

In the first quarter there were five sets of commercials, seven or so in the second, I didn't count the halftime because it was mostly promo for CBS and what wasn't didn't rate on my ad-meter. Back to five sets in the third and five in the fourth. If they had unexpected commercial time, we were plagued with promos for CBS shows and do-gooding by the NFL. I realized that I don't watch any CBS shows.

I also realize that I'm not the target audience for Super Bowl ads. I am neither the right age nor gender. I use few of the products touted nor am I likely to. So, and here I have to wink, I'm not prejudiced in my assessments.

The first annual Sisker's Lair Super Bowl commercials awards:
Classiest: Coke. This is not a surprise.
Hallmark moment: GM's robot dreaming it was retired.
Poignant with a twist: Budweiser's mud-splattered canine finally getting respect when he looks like a Dalmatian.
Much ado about nothing: Blockbuster's lead-off rabbit and guinea pig squishing a computer-generated mouse.
Oh-ho! moment: Letterman and Oprah on a couch.
Cute: E-trade's what to do with one finger.
Let the public rule: Doritos contest winner. I had already viewed the five finalists and it would appear my fav was the runner-up (the grocery store clerk) when it was aired second.

And, the Sisker's Lair Clever Award goes to:
Connectile dysfunction from Sprint mobile. Didn't think we'd stop laughing.


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