Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Three Re-Dress Day

While a "three dog night" describes what it takes to keep warm on a cold night, a "three dress day" is more typical of north Texas weather. (And around my house we'd keep warm with cats anyway and good luck if you think you can get three of them to agree to do anything.)

Let's take today. Cold morning. In the 50s. We had a college homecoming breakfast to attend, so I dressed for weather and situation: slacks, shirt, jacket. Everything I had on screamed: autumn has arrived! And this worked.

Until noon. Now it's in the 70s and I don't feel very fall-ish. The knee-hi stockings are cloying, the loafers are cramping my sandal-loving feet, the slacks are hot and I ditched the jacket an hour ago. Instead of wearing this to a bridal shower--and looking like the calendar says I should look--I dig out the high-heeled sandals and a lightweight skirt to match the shirt. Whew! At last--free!

Until five and it's over. It's going to cool back down. Goodbye, skirt. Goodbye, sandals. Hello, jeans. Same top. No jacket. Yet. Can I get by with canvas shoes and not full-blown athletic wear and--egad!--socks?

Maybe. I should know by now because this is a normal day in the fall (or spring) around here no matter if one is going to work or staying home. You change clothes or wear layers. In the car is no better: heat on in the morning, a/c in the afternoon.

You know the weather's changing when you have a "three dress day."


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