Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One down, X to go

I've added a couple new links to the side bar: Romancing the Blog, a wide-ranging view by authors, editors, agents, and guests about the industry and The Rejecter, written by a literary agency gate-keeper who gets your query letter first. Also, The Rejecter uses the same Blogger template as I do, which I just think is interesting, that's all.

A few days ago I detailed what our household was watching on TV, the new and the old, the tried and proven, and the yet to be seen how well it will do.

We've long thought we were new-show-death. If we liked it, it wouldn't last a season, although there were notable exceptions such as Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Most of the time, we get in on a show's second or even third season, Boston Legal being a prime example. It's as if when we stay away, it has a chance.

Well, we've had our first cancellation: CBS's Smith has bitten the ratings dust and disappeared from the screen last night. Now I'll never know if they got away with it.


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