Thursday, September 21, 2006

Raccoons 2, Human 0

Ho, hum, is this human not a challenge, or what?

You're asking me?

No, it's a rhetorical question. Last night, the chicken. Remember?

So much fun!

So tell them what we did.

Really? Really? I can tell?

Are you really a raccoon?

Of course I am. Can't you see my mask?

We are wasting the public's reading time. Tell already.

There's the wire box. And there's chicken. And it's tied and we get it.

Is that all you have to say? That's all you remember?

We got the chicken. The human didn't get us.

We turned the wire box on its side. We pulled the string and the chicken out of the holes.


I give up.

Raccoon One and Two


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