Saturday, September 30, 2006

A sagging meerkat middle

Is anyone else blogging about meerkats?

Last night being the Big Night for season 2 of Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor, I taped the first two episodes and we watched this morning during and after breakfast, a Saturday cartoon for adults: cute characters, life lessons, and, alas, a tad dull.

Nothing happened. Perhaps it's the set-up for the rest of the season or Animal Planet and Cambridge University are trying to milk every bit of advertising dollar they can from what I find is an enormously entertaining four-footed soap opera. Love, lust, danger, death... loyalty, backstabbing... it's all there in creatures a foot tall. But these two episodes were also akin to a sagging middle in a novel.

If you write or critique you know what I mean. Authors have to be ever-vigilant to keep up the pace, not dull the reader, make her want to keep turning pages and reading while she cooks dinner, rather than put the book down and find excuses not to return.

Not that I'm giving up. No, I'll be back. But unless the action picks up, I'll be reading the newspaper while I am.


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