Sunday, October 08, 2006

A new TV season--hope rises once again

Pumpkin Patch having met our expectations in monetary and kudos terms (100 pumpkins and 3 laden tables of baked goods wiped out in less than 3 hours will satisfy a board's ego that the work was worth it), I am now sufficiently recovered to lament and applaud the new TV season.

I like TV. Always have. Growing up it was the merry background to playing cards or working a puzzle with my Dad or sewing new clothes for myself or my sister. We rarely just watched TV; we did something else too.

I am not as efficient a multi-tasker as I once was and in part that's because an Evening of TV is almost unheard of. Rarely can I find something to watch from 7-10. And this year is no exception although there is hope.

Everyone else is a critic, so I'm going to join the ranks, a show by show review of what's on in our house. Or at least, what's being taped.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives seems to be back in fine form, so perhaps the sophmoric sophmore year is behind us now. We're giving Brothers and Sisters a few more weeks. I do like seeing Sally Field back. After all, she was Gidget! Over on PBS, I tape Mystery since I don't always like them. Anyway, the time conflicts with Housewives.

Monday: Until Antiques Roadshow comes back after the first of the year and Vanished from the FOX baseball hiatus, we're relegated to Studio 60 on Sunset Strip . We're not sold on it yet, but week 2 was an improvement over week 1.

Tuesday: Here's where the VCR comes in handy. Friday Night Lights. Kyle Chandler has held a place of admiration from me since Early Edition , so it's good to see him back in a fine production. Veronica Mars just about wore us out last year with the repeats and the meandering story lines, but I've read that will happen no more. We'll see. I liked the first one. Boston Legal's quirkiness captured us in the second season. I'm taping Smith and watching it while I exercise. Ultimate multi-tasking.

Wednesday: Bones is better than last year but again FOX has it on hiatus until all the pitching is over. I read a couple Kathy Reich's books upon which the series is based, but I have to admit to liking the TV better because they are SO different and I'd already bonded with the series. Lost. Again, a promise not to repeat episodes which of course means we're only getting 6 until February sweeps. I'm giving The Nine a chance.

Thursday: My Name is Earl easily made us fans last year, but there's a bit of a change this one. I'm along for the ride, but I hope they don't lose sight of the original. Ugly Betty seems to be The Devil Wears Prada for the small screen, but I'm giving it a chance for the secondary characters to develop. And Gray's Anatomy. I need say no more.

Friday: Meerkat Manor is back in favor after branching out to two more meerkat families and telling a larger story. Plus they're running two each week. Of course that makes for a shorter season, but we'll adjust and just wonder what else they have up their sleeves.

Saturday: Nothing, but then that's date night, no matter your age or marital status. Right?


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