Saturday, September 16, 2006

Raccoon Diary, Day 1

This is a great backyard in which to frolic after dark. There's cat food and water. There's a cushioned chair and a swing. Two big trees and lots of flower beds to play hide-and-seek in. So, why are we, Raccoon One and Raccoon Two, suddenly suspicious of the big wire box with sunflower seeds in it?

We like sunflower seed. Some times. We like cat food better. So we hit the box and there was a loud noise and that was that for the evening. We left. But we came back the next night. More food. More water. Same box. This time we just left our little muddy footprints all over the patio and back steps.

Like we're going into that box? Not for sunflower seed, we're not.

One and Two, who have taken over this blog


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