Monday, January 03, 2011

Three sets of geese

Driving down the road the other evening, a V of geese caught my eye. There were probably 18 of them, in regulation formation, heading west. Now it is too late in the season for any serious flight to the South and too early to return North, so I surmised this group must have made their winter home at the wetlands preserve not that far (as the goose flies) from here. Or perhaps they've settled more closely and graced a farmer or the local lake with their presence.

Just behind--and flying at a furious rate--was a smaller V, maybe 7 or 8. From wherever the larger group had taken off, these must not have heard the "Go!" voiced by the leader. They were giving it all they had to catch up and indeed they did.

But even farther behind them was still a smaller group of individuals, the ones feasting on a different pond or oblivious to their surroundings--we all know geese like that--and they were doing double-swoops with their wings.

Would they catch the main group?

I had to stop at a red light and then it changed before I could complete the drama. There wasn't anyone behind me, so I slowed down and had to smile as the little group was allowed into the larger one and their flight west continued.

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