Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Putting Christmas away

Most years, I mind putting Christmas on display a lot more than putting it away.

(Or, in the parlance of Texas: I mind putting Christmas up more than putting Christmas up.) It'll make sense if you think about it.

But this year, whether because I've waited a few days to do so instead of plunging in on the morning of the 26th, or because I wrote the 24 blogs on ornaments, I find the experience a bit nostalgic.

I've studied each ornament as I took it off the tree. I've pondered why I have so many and where they came from. As in: "This is my ornament? I don't think I've ever seen it before." Or, "These are not all going to fit back in the chosen boxes." Nor did they.

How does this happen? There's just not room! So, I rearranged.

All but the outside lights are now boxed and ready to be taken to the attic. The tree still needs to disassembled but I can't do that without the box in the garage and it's been raining and it's an ungainly box... and we'll get to it soon enough.

Then, just in the blink of an eye--or two--Christmas 2011 will be here and I'll see all this again and welcome the sight of it.

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