Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Round up!

Gas Station TV continued to fascinate (I'm easily amused) when we happened by the same Murphy station on Friday. I had to show my husband. He wasn't quite as enthralled as I was, but as he pumped gas, I toodled around to the other pumps and noted that everyone had the same broadcast and there was a national news feed on in the middle of the afternoon. I finally caught a commercial for GSTV and came home and visited the site. For the curious among us, you should too.

Ask.com has updated their site and it is really interesting. I googled--uh, searched for--my hometown and there was scads of info without leaving the page.

Bathroom survey: I've been a busy girl (or at least going a lot).
Cristina's Mexican Restaurant in McKinney: 95: You go past the men's room, there's no seat covers, but there is a baby area.
Nordstrom's Frisco Stonebriar Mall: 95: Again, past the men's room, but there are Mothers' areas. BIG areas.
Home Depot Landscape, Plano, probably, although it's hard to tell since those cities all run together: Although a bit untidy (late Friday afternoon), it had all the attributes for a 110: Baby area and auto-flush!
Cindi's Delicatessen, Central Expwy, Dallas: 100: -5 for seat covers, +5 for baby.
Baker Brothers, off the Tollway, Plano: 90: one-holer and no seat covers.

I think it's obvious from the above list that we like to eat out.

I had a lesson on iMovie and downloading digital video today. Well, that could be a real time-killer. Not that photos and movies of the best granddaughter in the world (until yours comes along, of course) won't be worth it, but... It'll take some practice to get efficient here. In other words, you're not in danger of looking at a long movie on this blog. Or even a short one.

My hat is now really off to all those time-wasters, uh, artists, over on YouTube.

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