Saturday, January 13, 2007

Are you a colander or a sifter?

Yesterday a friend of mine, a ten years younger friend I need to add, complained that her mind was becoming a colander, information just slipping through it as if there were holes.

Oh, my. If she's losiing information (dates, times, schedules, what-am-I-doing-in-the-kitchen?), what state is my mind in?

I've been concerned about this for years, as small details (I was supposed to be where when? Bringing what?) have slipped through the steel trap which used to be my mind. So I've determined to do better, to not be as distracted, to pay closer attention, to absolutely cheat and write everything down. Grocery lists, what to do on the computer, links to visit, a veritable list of to-dos for every day.

But I don't what to be a colander. Heck, my colander has BIG holes. No, I'd prefer to be a sifter, letting the little inconsequential stuff just 'sift' out of there, saving the big items.

Like, what my next blog might be.


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