Friday, November 27, 2015

Love vs. the price of a postage stamp

On our trips we like to send postcards, a wish-you-were-here taunt from places we hope we're glad to be. On this last venture, we sent at least two postcards from each of the nine stops, one to ourselves and one to someone else.

From Easter Island, Rapa Nui if you will, a Chilean territory, we sent three cards, one to us and one to each of our school age grandchildren.

The Chilean peso is 630 (approx) to one US dollar. So, the postage stamp had a big number--600--on it. No Forever stamps here. And that's where this tale begins.

Our seven-year-old grandson was quite impressed with his postcard. He was more impressed that we loved him enough to spend $600 on a stamp. That's what he told his mother. This prompted a discussion of international monies, a concept his older sister got faster than he did. When they converted the money over, the cost of the stamp was 83 cents.

I don't know if Jack was disappointed or not to find that we only loved him 83 cents worth.

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