Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Norm has his way

Owner's note: No sooner do I wrest control of the blog away from Bertie, Sally, and Mar-Mar, than Norm Hudson grabs it. Somewhere between a raconteur and a good ol' boy, even if he is in his 80s, he's determined to have the last word and most of the time, that means trying to one-up the "girls."

Norm: What a bunch of mewling mouth nonsense you gals are spoutin'! Exercise, socialize, learn from those younger than you! The lot of you ain't moved enough, ever, and if there were any nosier group of people around, I have yet to meet them! As to learning from younger friends, at your ages, they're ALL younger! And when was the last time you three thought you didn't know it all?

So, I'll just give some advice since that's what we're doing. Never listen to women. You know why? Because when they're wrong, it's your fault, and when they're right, they never let you forget it!

Me: Are you quite finished?

Norm: Got the message, didn't you?

Me: Loud and clear.

Norm: Then I'm finished!

Me: I'm going to lock the blog down. Promise.

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