Sunday, September 06, 2015

It's a surprise!

Yesterday we ate breakfast at our local breakfast cafe. We don't go every Saturday, but that's the day most likely to find us there. We were visiting all around when a young family strolled in. They were dressed for a casual day and we quickly learned they were going on a "surprise" trip.

The kids were elementary age and obviously eager to get on to their surprise day of adventure and not at all partial to the idea put forth by someone at our table that perhaps the surprise was breakfast out. I don't know where they ended up going, my guesses would be Six Flags Over Texas or a water park, but I can find out.

It brought back memories of a surprise trip my parents planned. It wasn't anything glamorous and didn't involve travel, except to Dallas and a store. They wouldn't tell us what they were purchasing, but I remember the joy of it--a color television!

Wow--now all five stations we received could be in color. Note: could be. Not all shows were yet broadcast in color in the early '60s.

How times and expectations change.

And the five stations, all from DFW: Channel 4 which was CBS; 5 was NBC; 8, ABC; 11, an independent where all the old movies were to be found; and 13, PBS.

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