Friday, July 31, 2015

A very special quilt

My husband and I, my sister, both sons and a daughter-in-law, have all graduated from Austin College in Sherman, TX. It is a very special college and one I'm proud to have been associated with. Its mascot is the Kangaroo (Go 'Roos) and so when Roo graduate son married Roo graduate daughter-in-law and then had Roo-to-be? baby boy, I knew what the next quilt had to be.

For each of my grandchildren, I've made two quilts, one for the crib and one for the "big person" bed, twin in size. I love to hand appliqué so all of them are done that way. For this latest quilt, I took inspiration from a wall-hanging I'd seen at Austin College, of Roo involved in various activities. My Roo would need to be doing things associated with their lives and doing them on a twin quilt, so I had to invent the pattern.

I completed it last night, signed my name in embroidery, and will hand it over to its still-crib-bound owner next week. His parents have already seen it, so this isn't a spoiler alert. Hopefully, if Blogger and I can get along, the explanation for the quilt squares will be under each photo.

Detail of the quilt, showing: Roo with kite, Roo in Maine with lobster pot and light house, Roo goes to church, Roo fishes, Roo as gymnast, Roo in the rain, and Roo in a blue sports car in front of our house.

Roo quilt, top to bottom: Roo doing yoga, Roo at beach, Scout Roo, Roo opening bottle of Mumm champagne, Roo snow skiing, Roo at football game, Roo walking their black dog, Roo golfing, three rows as described above, Roo water skiing, Roo barbecuing, Roo in love writing initials on a tree.

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At 5:21 AM CDT, Anonymous Christie said...

So awesome, did you use a regular sewing machine to quilt it, or by hand?


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