Friday, August 22, 2014

The wiliest raccoon, part 2

It took a new trap, a lot of patience, no little frustration, and a good dose of WD-40 to capture and relocate the wiliest of raccoons.

Once said raccoon had escaped from my old trap, I bought a new one. Spiffy thing, but difficult for even me to set off. I garnered photos from the night camera showing my new best wildlife friend sprawled across the release panel, dining on the latest offering, yet not setting it off. Finally, the spouse took pity on my frustration and "worked on" the trap.

After two days of staying away from us, the raccoon reappeared, got careless, got trapped! Yeah! Sorta'.

Because this little guest moved the trap. In an all-out effort to work his way out, he scooted the trap into my net patio umbrella cover. I gently pushed him back, out of, I thought harm's way. (That would be harm to the cover.) Thirty minutes later, he had managed to pull the netting into the trap, tear a huge hole in the side of it, and break the hose which, when filled with water (as it was), weights down the netting.

I was not pleased with my new best friend. Not only had he cost me a new trap, but now I was out an umbrella cover and this was the first one I'd ever had which hadn't leaked!

But, to end on a happy note, we have upgraded the gene pool in the countryside by the addition of the wiliest of raccoons. I just hope he or his offspring don't decide to move back to town!


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