Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming face to mask with the world's cleverest raccoon

I got him. On cherries and goldfish food. There he was, precious mask and soulful eyes looking at me from the trap. I smiled. At last!

My joy was short-lived because this is the world's cleverest raccoon. The only good thing I can say from this point on is that I have his photo and my husband is witness to what happened next.

We were putting him in the back of the pickup for his ride to join the not-so-clever raccoons we have accumulated over the last month. It's a nice country spot. Perfect for God's creatures who need the wild. The trap slipped. He bounced. It opened and OUT HE WENT!

A flying leap to the ground and he was gone onto the property next door which we own also. So now, not only am I feeding the little rascal, I'm sheltering him!

It's not over, Mr. Raccoon. Just because you had one more trick up your fur sleeve than I did, doesn't mean I won't win.

Someday. Just not today.


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