Thursday, June 19, 2014

A new cover!!!!!! Excitement reigns!

My cover artist Lyndsey Lewellen (Lewellen Designs) has outdone herself with the first of my six part rock star novels, T's Trial. This book, as Heaven on a Kitestring, was an RWA Golden Heart finalist back in 1997. Alas, it didn't win. I found a home for it with an independent e-publisher in the early 2000s as Lyla's Song. This past year I requested the return of my rights for this book and the others so I could update them, shorten them, and republish independently.

T's Trial will be followed by: C's Comeuppance, Tib's Temptation, Ron's Run, Ian's Image, and finally, to wrap up any loose ends, Bo's Beauty.

The back cover blurb for T's Trial:

"Eddie T Samuels' addiction to music takes him to the top of the rock world, but his addiction to drugs threatens his life and freedom. Sobering up in rehab is a start, but band manager Levi Fletcher wants to seal the deal by hiding him for another three weeks.

Widow Lyla Lee has never rented her house to anyone like her new tenants. Something is not quite right, from Sam's obsession with the grand piano to Fletch's control of every situation. But hearing Sam play challenges her own long-buried artist and when he wants a duet, she can't resist, either the music or the man.

Welcome to Jinks, Texas, where no one's business is quite as private as they want it to be and T is set to face the trial of his life."

But, the cover:


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