Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Ponderables

I've thought about this for a while, writing blogs about things I ponder, things that make me go: hmmm.

Thing today:

Why is it that when you place clothes in the washing machine, perfectly turned, the washer turns them inside out?

But the dryer doesn't reverse the process and give them to you the way you put them in in the first place?

Or, say you do put them in wrong side out, that's the way they stay? Or, maybe one side, like a pant leg, gets turned? And still the dryer doesn't complete the job.

Or the dryer, bless it, takes the right side out clothes (particularly slacks) and turns them wrong side out? It likes to play with nightgowns and knit golf shirts too.

Why is that?

Are the washer and dryer at odds with each other? Do they not work as a team for the betterment but instead exist to confound their owner?

Ever pondered that? Does it make you go hmmm?


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