Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Egad!--Where have I been for two weeks?

Well, I've not been blogging, that's for sure. I'm not even sure what I have been doing, except the days have collapsed one into the other. I made a set of stuffed animals for a friend's newest grandbaby's nursery. Arrival date is April, but I needed to get it done.

Our English in-laws are here and that has made for one full weekend and another coming up. Can you say 'family yoga lesson?'

No, there will not be a video. Being a youtube sensation is the last thing on our collective mind.

I have started to read the latest CS Harris Sebastian St. Cyr novel, When Maidens Mourn. Such a wonderful series. Regency. Romance. Dark, dark family secrets slowly leaked out to the reader. Yum!

I went to a postcard show, found a Texas brag card I didn't have, scanned it to my computer, then waited for it to sync with the iPhone. When it didn't, I've had to research how to encourage it to do so. Seems the computer has to be running iTunes, the iPhone has to be plugged in as if to charge, and you have to hit the magic 'sync now' button. Then, guess what! The scan is on my phone!

My daffodils are about bloomed out, the hyacinths are waning, and the tulips are gorgeous. But it's windy, so they won't last long. Happens every year.

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