Thursday, April 19, 2012

Walking the streets

I burned up my second treadmill last week and so, until the replacement arrives, I have taken to the streets. I know I burned it up because it smelled electrical and when I wanted to stop, it didn't. I pulled its little plug very fast!

Now, I used to take to the streets all the time, to walk three miles after I had walked the children to school. Walking outside has its up side: nature and fresh air, and its down: bad weather and cars that seem to not see you. In general, I have walked on a treadmill at the gym or here at the house for at least 10 years.

So taking to the streets is not fun. Really, it's not. The streets aren't smooth around here and I've had to find a suitable route. I can't walk as fast as the treadmill will make me go (5 mph however briefly) and I carry my grandmother's cane lest an animal decide I look good enough to chomp on.

I was quite frustrated the first day because to get in the mileage took 8 minutes longer. So I have decided on a compromise: I'll do the time. I redesigned my route to include the town square twice. Of course this means early morning go-to-work traffic. And here is where I have my story.

I lacked crossing one town square street on the route to home when I saw the car. The driver, a she, had stopped and was blinking to turn right which would put us in each other's path. As I neared the intersection, she didn't turn, but stayed stopped. She was waiting on me! She must be a walker, I thought, as I smiled and waved myself across the street. She would know that to stop would interrupt my rhythm (what I have of it) and I'd be bouncing on the balls of my feet for her to move on!

So, anonymous driver, thank you!

PS: Just received an email that my new treadmill has been shipped! Whew! Due next Thursday!


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