Thursday, June 02, 2011

Was it something I said?

For Mother's Day, I received a gift certificate from Nordstrom's, and what better item to apply it to than my favorite perfume, Bulgari Omni Amethyste. So imagine my surprise when they didn't have it.

This did not bode well. The tester was in the drawer. No no no no, I thought. I'd only found this fragrance in late 2008 after being sent home with a sample from Nordstrom's along with Bulgari Pour Femme. Surely, they couldn't be getting rid of Amethyste (their spelling, not mine). Was I a perfume Jonah, having already put my beloved Quelques Violettes off the shelf, was another to follow?

No, I was assured, the fragrance was still there, just in a different form, as a "charm". Smaller and it didn't appear to sit upright, although I must admit I didn't examine it too closely. I was miffed; I took myself off to Neiman Marcus.

Where I bought the last bottle.

(FWIW, there weren't any packages at Dillard's either.)

I will have to ration my supply until Bulgari puts it back in the big bottles, although from the link above, you can see that it's still available from the source.


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