Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

And why isn't it Mothers' Day? Or is it? Hmmm.

Spent last evening and today in the new home of son Matt and his family. The guys got up earlier than everyone (but me!) and went to the grocery for breakfast items and fresh bouquets. (Said they only saw other men there--buying flowers, etc.) Then they cooked breakfast. Yum! Dined on the patio with two hungry grandchildren, then cleaned up so the men could go back to the old house and finish bringing items over which wouldn't fit in the moving van. Took 4 or 5 trips. They did yard work and I played hide and seek and watched a princess fashion show after we colored and pasted. Did laundry.

Full, wonderful day.

Happy Mother's--or is it Mothers'--Day to us all!

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