Friday, May 06, 2011

Recycle Please

If everyone receives as many unwanted credit card solicitations as we do, there's a forest dying every day. It's ridiculous. You'd think eventually the computer program in place for said credit card companies would realize that the return from this address is zero and they'd just write us off and save a tree. Or three.

Alas, it hasn't happened yet and probably will not. I hear you can get off these lists if you call a certain number and give them everything but the model number of your kitchen sink. No thank you. That's what the shredder is for.

I usually tear these unwanted envelopes open and toss the innocuous material in the trash and the pages with names and numbers into the shredder box. Then, when I'm particularly bored or the box overfloweth, I shred.

This is what I did yesterday afternoon. And did. And did. I overheated the shredder three times. (Obviously, someone needs to do this more often. Volunteers?) There's a certain sameness to it because we get the same solicitations over and over. Some even put bar codes on the return envelopes. Oh, please. Shred.

Then on the back of one company's main envelopes there's a little logo that says Recycle Please. This, I can do.


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