Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stock Photos for Dreamland

Stock photos are available for free or a small fee and they show up widely on the Internet and romance novel covers. One of my favorite blogs will occasionally track the usage of stock footage and how it morphs ever-so-slightly from advertisement to cover and back again.

So I'm wondering if our dreams use stock landscapes. I dreamed about a place last night, a large warehouse with stores or retail booths in it, and I was with someone but I haven't a clue who now, and I just knew where we were going, that the area we wanted wasn't in the building we were in or even the next, but the third. And the bank--I think--was located at the end and up a narrow stairs. Why? Because I'd been there before in my dreams. It was like stock footage my mind stores away and hauls out every so often, adds a new color or twist to, and sends me on my dreamland way.

What do you think? Do you ever go places you've never been except in your dreams?

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