Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

While the mid-Atlantic states and off toward their west are socked in with two batches of snow, we in North Texas have just been having cold weather. If there was precipitation, it was rain. Today changed all that and in a hour we were covered with big fluffy flakes. Everyone is so happy about it. School is still in session, the roads are wet, not icy, and, the best thing--it's going away tomorrow!

We can be very easy to please because this is how we love our snow: here and gone! I doubt it's freezing outside now, just "hovering" about that point. Tomorrow's high should be in the 40s and Saturday's in the 50s. This suits me very well since I'm hosting a large romance author program at the library Saturday. Ice and snow accumulation would definitely put a damper on, i.e. cancel, that.

So I get to watch all the white come down and transform my world. I wonder where the outside cats are, but trust they're taking care of themselves. My indoor boys are sound asleep, blissfully unaware.

Me? I think I'll put some soup on for supper.

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