Friday, June 05, 2009

Manipulating time

I've kicked myself in the appropriate place and set about writing again on my work-in-progress, or WIP, as its particular shorthand is known. I like to write dialogue, consider it a strong point, and so, since I've been doing that, time has flown by. An hour and a thousand words... where did the time go?

On the other hand, I've also sat in front of the computer screen and tapped my nail on the laptop. No ideas, no inspiration, no pencil in hand to do the tapping. Time can drag when you're writing. It can stop. Email won't auto check itself and when it does, there's nothing new. Phone won't ring. Cat won't bug you that it's time for supper...

Drag or fly... it would seem to be directly related to the days being slow and the years being swift. "Why, it was only yesterday, I (fill in the blank)" and yet it was years ago.

I suppose if I could figure out time and it's effect, I wouldn't need to spend mine writing fiction. Then again, maybe it's all that.

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