Friday, May 22, 2009

Tidying up

I set a goal for myself last week of blogging once a day--and I met it! Now, how long can I keep it up?

So today to celebrate, I'll tidy up a few loose ends.

The post yesterday on sewing and broomstick skirts: In typical fashion, I thought hours later that I should have added to the post that I rarely construct a garment for myself any more. I have done a few for the granddaughter. The price of the pattern, the scarcity of readily-available good clothing material*, the time involved... 90% of the time it's more cost-effective to wait for a sale. I did try to make a broomstick skirt once of very sheer material. But I had too many layers and the end result had me looking like a poofed-out ballerina in a too-long tutu.

Dancing with the Stars: I was rooting for Melissa, then once she came in third, I figured it was Gilles, so I was as surprised as everyone else that it was Shawn. Not that she was undeserving, she certainly was not. I'm proud of her. The youngest and a champion again. And there's yet another reason I don't go to the racetrack.

*I'm ever thankful that our WalMart still carries fabric. However, the majority of it is most suitable for craft items or home decor.

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