Friday, May 15, 2009

Clearing the mind

At last, a sunny morning with a light breeze and no rain in sight--until tomorrow. Our 11 inch "wind"fall (since we're always behind in the annual amount), has dampened more than one activity over the past two weeks. As a whole, I'd say North Texas is saturated and grouchy. We could get out of both of them if we'd have a week of sun and I hear it's scheduled to arrive by Monday.

Doesn't help the weekend... grumble, grumble, grumble.

But I took advantage of the weather to pull on my garden gloves and begin the never-ending process of dispatching weeds from the flower beds, as well as yanking out misguided oak and pecan tree-lets who think they can plop down anywhere and I'll tolerate it. I spent time tidying up the daffodil leaves and clipping back the overly zealous mint.

I needed the fresh air and the sun because, quite frankly, it's been a dramatic/traumatic week of TV. As the Season draws to a close, all the shows I watch dangle cliffhangers.

For the drama, Monday, Ty was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. This is the one show which will have an ending. Whether I like the results or not, there won't be any more wondering past next Tuesday. Who'll win? Don't know. Who am I pulling for? Melissa.

As to the traumatic, two hours of Lost still puzzled over how to be in two eras at the same time. Exhausting and a bit hard to keep up with when you're also quilting. But the biggie was Grey's Anatomy.

I suppose I'd heard George O'Malley wouldn't be back on board for next year, but since I don't rely on Internet boards for that info, I'd paid little attention to it. So when he signed up with the Army, I thought, good ending of his storyline. If they need him back, back he can come. Then... the second hour. I figured out our bus accident hero was George only seconds before Meredith did. Oh, crumbs!

It was a good thing I'd put my quilting down already.

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