Monday, September 04, 2006

Clothing Conundrum

Here in North Texas, we have suffered through our second year of drought and the dubious honor of having over 40 days this year where the temp topped 100. This may get us into the record books ("Remember the summer of aught-six?") but it is hardly brag-worthy.

The lawns, landscaping, and lakes have not been the only things to suffer. Consider if you will, the summer wardrobe.

Air conditioning aside, when it's hot outside, it's warm-ish in. I don't dress for the temperture of my house, but for the outside, where I periodically have to go. And to be quite frank, there are just so many selections in a summer wardrobe that are worthy of 100+. I'm tired of lightweight crop pants which I roll even higher. I've worn my (admittedly) two favorite pair of sandals to the point they should be retired. And I would if I thought I could buy another pair on clearance now for next year. I've managed to take my tank top collection down to the bare bones as I've spilled, gardened-in-vain, and barbecued my way through it. The survivors are looking worn.

I looked forward to weather in the 90s (how to make 95 seem cool--have two straight weeks over 100) and the chance to wear my late summer wardrobe, the one with a few autumn colors thrown in for good measure and collars on the blouses.

So what's the problem? The 100s are gone. It would appear so are the 90s. Not that I think for an instant they won't sneak in the back door for another attack. But we have plummeted into the 80s for the last several days. What is this--sweater weather?

Men put on a pair of khakis and a golf shirt and call it done from 60 degrees on up. Women fiddle with sleeves--none, cap, three-quarter, full--, length of crop, length of shorts, lightweight knit, heavier knit, scoop neck, collar. Choice is good. This isn't a complaint, just an observation. So if you see me in something that's seen better days, you'll know the temp is up again. Just don't ask what the stain is.


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