Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

One week into the New Year, I realized that I was already a failure with my resolution to pay attention and remember the names of waitstaff and store clerks who helped me. Not that I'd had a lot of exposure to any in the first week, but of those I had, I couldn't remember a one. It was like I'd never made the resolution at all.

So I girded my mental loins and started to try harder and I'm doing a better job. I find that answering "I'm X and I'll be your server tonight" with "Thank you, X" helps imprints X on my mind. This info is crucial when X disappears and you need your check or water or a clean fork.

So, mind repositioned, I'll check back in a couple of weeks and let you know how I'm doing. It would, after all, be nice to make it past a month with a resolution.



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