Saturday, August 09, 2008

What to do, what to do

If you have a Mac computer, you can purchase one or both of two annual services. One to One provides in-store help with any Mac tidbit and I've used it for primers in how to convert movies of our granddaughter to a DVD format. The other service is ProCare, which allows for (up to) three Macs to be tuned-up each year plus technical assistance. These programs used to be one for the cost of one, but some time back they split them and doubled the cost. I decided I'd get my money's worth and signed up for both.

The best way to get one's money's worth is to actually take advantage of the offerings. So, the end of my annual membership being near, I took in my spouse's computer for its annual physical. That, of course, means it's time now for mine. And I don't want to let it go.

It'll only be for a few days, but something in me is reluctant to part with it. True, I can keep up with my email on my iPhone (after all, that's one of its purposes, for Pete's sake!) and for large viewing, there is the other laptop's internet browser. I need not be deprived!

It's all mental, I know it is, so I'm composing a list of What to Do While My MacBook is in for its Annual Physical (which would not only be foolish but STUPID of me not to take advantage of):

1. I can thoroughly clean the house. (Bad idea, I'm sure. It'll just get dirty again.)

2. Forget the house in general and concentrate on the bathrooms and kitchen. (Bor-ing.)

3. The flower beds are in serious need of attention and now that it's hotter'n'Hades and they're dying off, it should be an easier job. (Okay. But only before it gets hot in the morning.)

4. Clean out the bathroom drawers. (There is a real need here.)

5. Do the same with the shelves of manuscripts, rejections, promo items, enews articles... (I get the point.)

Have you noticed that so far, all these items are labor-intensive? Where would the fun be?

6. Visit friends uninvited. Offer to take them to lunch. (If I show up unannounced, I need to take them to lunch.)

7. Rent movies I've always wanted to see and work on the next grandchild's baby quilt while I watch. (This idea is better.)

8. Read. (Ah... need I say more?)

But I'll still be waiting for the call to go fetch my computer.

Old habits are hard to die. I'll find myself sitting in my desk chair and staring at the printer. Just you wait and see.



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