Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eating our way out of misery

During our recent visit to Houston, we had occasion (and occasion and occasion) to visit the Galleria mall. Huge hardly describes this multi-level, multi-block complex. It's daunting at first. Shops I was familiar with--Nordie's, Neiman's, Macy's, those I wasn't and whose names I've forgotten already. Two Starbucks. Specialty shops for watches and then more specialty shops for watches. The Galleria draws a very international crowd of shoppers; maybe watches are on everyone's 'to buy' list.

Still, the most popular area of the Galleria was the downstairs fast food court. Very large this fast food court. Very diverse. Very crowded. Because this is where everyone was.

In the midst of high gas, banana prices through the roof, and uncertainty about what the election will bring, in the midst of all this--and no matter the number of SALE signs--middle America wasn't shopping. They were at the Galleria in force, but there were few bags under those crowded eatery tables. Very few.

In would appear that we are eating our way out of our misery. In times of trouble, we turn to that one source of sure solace: ice cream and french fries.

It does my American heart proud.

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