Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Tweeze turn to the light"

Traveling elsewhere, such as our two weeks in Australia, we love to read the papers and magazines, especially those that come folded inside the Sunday papers. To that end, we came home with several articles and advertisements sandwiched into pages of books I hoped I wouldn't forget to go through.

One ad which I cut out was for a tweezer with a built-in flashlight. I'd never seen such and thought it a great idea. I'd have to look for it when I got home. (Never thought to look for it while there.) The usefulness of such an cosmetic appliance became all the more relevant to me when, no matter the price of the hotel room we stayed in, there was NEVER a lighted mirror or adequate light over the mirror so that I could see my brows! At the last hotel, I pulled out a tiny flashlight I'd brought with me, held it with one hand and precariously tweezed with the other.

I definitely needed to get home and find the tweezer with the built-in light. First of all I searched on Amazon just to see if such existed in the States. It did. Price was a bit cheaper than AUD rates, but still I didn't order. If it was available online, perhaps I could stumble onto it at a drugstore.

I'm happy to say I did. At a CVS, I found the Sally Hansen LaCross Diamond Tip Lighted Tweezers. Half the price noted from Australia, I snapped them up and carted them home. They work beautifully, will travel with me--and even be used at home. It's not just hotels which don't have lighted mirrors.

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