Monday, March 10, 2008

Omigosh--it's really DARK!

I love Daylight Saving Time, I really do. The opportunity to eat dinner outside on the patio, to pull weeds after supper, to go to the early evening movie and come out and it still be light--love it! But there's always an adjustment to be made before the real lovin' it part begins and that adjustment just arrived.

DST isn't usually tied to March, but to April. By April, Nature has full light in the morning by 6:30 or so with more daylight rapidly approaching, so the backward adjustment to getting up in the dark is only going to last a couple of weeks. But this... switching in early March has me turning on lights and peering for the newspaper. I can only hope it's thrown under the yard light. Otherwise, I may need a flashlight.

I didn't realize how dark it was going to be. How naive is that?

But stumbling around in the dark will pass, and the sun will catch up with the morning hours. In November, when we go back to what a non-DST-loving friend calls "God's time," I'll be reluctant to give up my evening light (although there'll be considerably less of it then), but secretly glad to get the morning back.



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