Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Mansion on Turtle Creek, part II

As luck would have it, the Wall Street Journal Saturday section Pursuits, has as its "power table" review today, said tables at The Mansion. And yes, the first time we went, we were at one of them. I just thought they'd put us at the end of the Verandah because we were a big party and we'd be out of the way (not seen--since we weren't worthy to be seen) by anyone. Come to find out, it's a coveted spot.

I had figured that out by 2001 when we made the part II of our memorable adventures. We were seated at the other end of the Verandah, at a round table, in a corner as it were. We were well-waited upon and I caught the service people smirking more than once as we recalled stories. They are probably trained not to laugh out loud at the diners' adventures, but the one I recounted yesterday had one young man shaking his head.

For, once again, we were in the company of our sons. This time they were grown, out of grad school and college, and accompanied by the young women who would marry them in 2003 and 2006, respectively. It was August, our anniversary weekend, and we would be spending the night, meeting half of them for breakfast in the morning and then all meeting up to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo. The boys may have been bored, but the girls weren't.

That's another story.

This time, besides being at The Mansion for a special occasion, we were there to spend our government-returned $600. Remember that? It was a tax rebate on a large scale. We had pondered what to do with it and decided to spend it on a memory. Truth be told, we had to add a couple of hundred to it, once we fed six of us (younger son had found plenty to like on the menu by this time), and with cocktails and bottles of wine and dessert and exceptional service...

Do you remember how you spent your $600?



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