Wednesday, September 24, 2014

There's always a first time

I've worn contact lenses off and on since I was 14. Without telling all I know, that's a long time. And today, I did something for the first time. EVER.

I have a new pair of trifocal contact lenses. I bought them without the insurance since it's the old prescription and I'm not given to losing them. But today, since one of them wasn't sitting correctly on my eye, I popped it out after closing the drain in the sink. Except there's this little-bitty teeny-tiny slit into the chasm of the drain pipe. And I dropped this very dry contact into the sink. And it skipped itself, its brand new, less than 24 hours old self, down the drain.

I gently pulled the plug out in the hopes that it was nestled on the plumbing. I got a flashlight and peered down. And there, clinging to what can only be politely described as a "dirty" side of the drain, was my contact.

Obviously, I needed a plan of action. And full vision. I had an extra lens, adjourned myself to the other sink to slip it in, and came back to study the situation. With any luck, I could pull it out with tweezers. Holding my breath and hopefully a steady flashlight, I went fishing.

On the third try, I plucked it out before it escaped further down the drain. Whew! I plugged the drain back, rinsed and cleaned it and put it in its container to rest.

I breathed a sigh of relief and will watch for even the slightest crack around the drain stopper from now on.


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