Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WARNING: This carton was VIDEO TAPED

There it was, a big orange sticker on my package: "WARNING: This carton was VIDEO TAPED during packing to record contents!"

Have you ever seen such?

This was a Brahmin purse which I had purchased in July and began carrying in October. It was/is a beauty. They have gorgeous bags. But... it began to wear on the corners. Now, after a year, maybe. After a month? I don't think so.

They guarantee for a year if your bag is registered and I had done so. I filled out the paperwork, insured it and mailed it. Two weeks later it appears back on my doorstep in beautiful newer-than-new condition with the big orange sticker.

Who is not to be trusted? The packing people? Me?

Is this a sign of things to come?

I'm very glad to have my purse back. It was like coming home and I'd only had it a month.

But I do worry about orange stickers.

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