Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Swimsuit conundrum

I'm all for end-of-the-season shopping. It's when I get some of my best stuff, both in the clothing and decorative household departments. I'm a buy-and-hold sort of gal. At least in the clothing arena, I usually get several wears out of my new acquisitions. Just recently, I've indulged in near-give-away-priced sandals and crops and I'm enjoying all of them.

So, I thought to update my one-piece swimsuit because I may be needing one in a month or so. I'm not one to leap into the pool, not having learned to swim until my late-20s (thanks, Mother, for putting your fears off on me), but occasionally, just to be sociable, one must dangle the feet in the water. My suit is probably 10 years old and, while little worn, isn't... well, heck, I wanted a tankini and a skirt, okay?

It's the end of swimsuit season. Should have been a piece of cake to acquire a new one. Alas, I was a month too late, I fear. What was left hanging from the racks might have fit either my Barbie doll or my teddy bear, but not me. This was true across quite a few stores and even online, unless I wanted to pay real prices. Oh, please. It's September. Sale, remember?

So, my old suit and I will once again slink into the shallow end of the pool. I did find, already in my possession, a pair of short gym shorts which I can wear over said suit. It's not like I'm trying to hide a part of my body or anything, but I wet the shorts down like they'd been in the pool and timed how long they took to dry hanging up.

If the suit goes, they go too. And next summer, I'll start shopping in August.

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