Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belting it out

A good ten, if not fifteen, years ago, I bought a Brighton "silver" chain belt. I've worn it and cherished it and taken it for granted. Upon closer inspection the other day, I found lots of wear and rub-off and I knew it had to be replaced. Reluctantly, I started hunting for a new one.

Not immediately finding anything I liked--or was willing to pay for (I KNOW I didn't pay over $50 for it--surely not!)--I put the whole idea on the back burner. Then yesterday, at a mall, I saw a Brighton shop and thought--why not?

There, hanging among all the other belts, was one identical to mine. The Santa Rosa, I believe the clerk said. I couldn't believe it was still in production. I'd actually picked out a popular item all those years ago. To be sure I wasn't letting myself off the hook too easily, I tried on another style. It wasn't me, so my new Santa Rosa came home with me. And, yes, I paid more than $50.

The ease the money departed from me wasn't the, uh, biggest surprise, though. (Truthfully, I should not have been surprised at either event. Not really.) As I held it up to my old one and compared its bright and shiny essence to the rubbed off, bound for the second hand store favorite, I also found that I'd had to buy a bigger size. Not a lot bigger, mind you. But bigger.

I guess more money wasn't the only more I needed.

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