Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome to Sisker's Lair!

And how did I come by such a title? The husband of a friend cleverly took my love of cats and combined it with my last name and years ago nicknamed me Sisker. It just fell into place when I wanted a spot to post those random thoughts that come upon a writer and which don't have a thing to do with the work in progress.

I hope to post most days, explaining small town Texas life. It's not all boredom. Our current excitement is over an inch of rain since last night, no small detail when our days over 100 degrees are nearing 40 and our lawn-watering has been severely curtailed by lack of rain.

I am a romance author, published with Wings ePress, an electronic and print-on-demand publisher. Their website and mine can be found under the links list. I've also included the links of several blogs I enjoy reading. Provided I can ever find my way back through the labyrinth of the blog editorial process, I will add to the links.

I have nine books published with Wings, one to be pubbed in December, one with a publisher, one under the bed (actually in a box in the closet but it should be under the bed), and one about 25% done. Or it would be if I'd ever put my rear in the chair and open the file.

And close this one for the day.


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