Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Norm has his way

Owner's note: No sooner do I wrest control of the blog away from Bertie, Sally, and Mar-Mar, than Norm Hudson grabs it. Somewhere between a raconteur and a good ol' boy, even if he is in his 80s, he's determined to have the last word and most of the time, that means trying to one-up the "girls."

Norm: What a bunch of mewling mouth nonsense you gals are spoutin'! Exercise, socialize, learn from those younger than you! The lot of you ain't moved enough, ever, and if there were any nosier group of people around, I have yet to meet them! As to learning from younger friends, at your ages, they're ALL younger! And when was the last time you three thought you didn't know it all?

So, I'll just give some advice since that's what we're doing. Never listen to women. You know why? Because when they're wrong, it's your fault, and when they're right, they never let you forget it!

Me: Are you quite finished?

Norm: Got the message, didn't you?

Me: Loud and clear.

Norm: Then I'm finished!

Me: I'm going to lock the blog down. Promise.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Advice from Bertie, Sally, and Mar-Mar

Owner's note: I'm not sure how it happened, but three characters from my Bone Cold--Alive series have jumped in here and taken over the blog. Bertie, Sally, and Mar-Mar made sure everyone minded their manners in Books 1-4 and the very end of 6. They seem to think that gives them rights!

Bertie: Scoot over, Kay! It's high time we had a say in the running of this blog. We're not getting any younger, you know. Running that convenience store, cafe and catering service just about does us in most days.

Mar-Mar: Speak for yourself. I've still got it!

Sally: I don't want to know what it is you've got. And I wouldn't want it if I did!

Bertie: Girls! That is not the purpose of this. We are here to offer our unsolicited, but extremely valuable, life advice. After all, we were just talking about it while we were baking for Ron's wedding.

Sally: And didn't the bride look beautiful. And letting Fletch walk her down the aisle…

Mar-Mar: Sigh. Another man that got away.

Sally: You'd think you'd about fished those waters dry by now, Mar-Mar.

Bertie: We are off the subject once again. Back to it. Our advice for a worthwhile life. You go first, Sally.

Sally: Keep moving! And I don't mean changing your address every time a new neighborhood becomes fashionable or chasing the newest single man, Mar-Mar. Get off your rears everyday and do something physical. Look at us! We may be a tad overweight, but we're quick as spilled water working behind the counter and going up and down those stairs. We move with the best of 'em!

Mar-Mar: Who you calling overweight?

Sally: Girl, been a while since you shopped the juniors at the department store.

Bertie: Thank you, Sally. Mar-Mar, your advice?

Mar-Mar: Have an interest in something outside yourself and I don't mean just chasing your grandkids, Sally. Don't look at me like that, Bertie. You know what I mean. You got to keep interested in your social network and your church. Volunteer. Keep up with your neighbors, especially the single ones.

Sally: As in know their business?

Mar-Mar: Easy to do when they stop to eat breakfast with us everyday.

Sally: Humph!

Bertie: If you two don't quit fussing at each other, you'll make me rethink my piece of advice: Keep younger friends. Much as it pains me to admit it, you are both young enough to be my… my sisters. Quit laughing. Both of you. But it's true. Skipping a generation is probably best, like the way we all love Lyla and Sam, but even you two old biddies are young enough to count.

Me: Girls! Girls! Really now. Our readers will think you're not all old friends and business partners the way you're carrying on. And uncross your arms and stop glaring at me, all of you. I do thank you for your advice and I think all aspects of it are valuable. So, to put it in a nutshell:

Exercise, socialize, and learn from those younger than you.

Bertie: I don't think that's what I said. That isn't what I said, is it, Mar-Mar? Sally? Quit laughing. Let's get back to work and do something useful, not hanging out here with her.

Me: Goodbye, girls. Have a good day.


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Sunday, September 06, 2015

It's a surprise!

Yesterday we ate breakfast at our local breakfast cafe. We don't go every Saturday, but that's the day most likely to find us there. We were visiting all around when a young family strolled in. They were dressed for a casual day and we quickly learned they were going on a "surprise" trip.

The kids were elementary age and obviously eager to get on to their surprise day of adventure and not at all partial to the idea put forth by someone at our table that perhaps the surprise was breakfast out. I don't know where they ended up going, my guesses would be Six Flags Over Texas or a water park, but I can find out.

It brought back memories of a surprise trip my parents planned. It wasn't anything glamorous and didn't involve travel, except to Dallas and a store. They wouldn't tell us what they were purchasing, but I remember the joy of it--a color television!

Wow--now all five stations we received could be in color. Note: could be. Not all shows were yet broadcast in color in the early '60s.

How times and expectations change.

And the five stations, all from DFW: Channel 4 which was CBS; 5 was NBC; 8, ABC; 11, an independent where all the old movies were to be found; and 13, PBS.

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