Monday, January 24, 2011

Barbie goes home

Much as I enjoyed the Barbie experience with the three-(almost four)-year-old granddaughter, I can't say I was sorry to see Barbie move on out of the living room. Indeed, since she's been cleaned up, so to speak, she will soon be moving to the public library for a little exhibition, kitchen, convertible and all.

Our Saturday morning trip to the Big Box to get a little something for younger brother Jack was an exercise in decision making. First question: once we secured Jack a little something, could she have something? I assured her she could. We hit the clearance aisle for Jack and after picking out three packages of small cars, I was informed that that "was enough." On to the Barbie/Disney princess aisles. It took several passes before we settled on a Snow White tiara and a Snow White ballerina Barbie, a masterpiece of cross-promotion if there ever was one. She wanted one more item--Jack had three packages--but I informed her that we were on a budget and her two equalled his three. She didn't quibble, but did manage to score each of them a bath scrubby with an animal affixed.

But my question is, how can a little granddaughter, no bigger than a minute, manage to set a household on its ear in less than 24 hours? I can only think of one room which didn't get some "droppings". Her hair clips were even in our bathroom and we have yet to find Barbie's other red shoe.

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