Friday, August 15, 2008

What I did, what I did

Having now retrieved my Mac from its 4-day exile into the bowels of a Mac Tune-up experience (the initial timeline was 1-2 days, but somewhere along the way my computer got stuck under someone else's paperwork), I can report on what I did while it was gone.

I was lost. I'd walk into my study and stare at the table. It wasn't there. So I'd troop downstairs to my spouse's iBook and read my favorite sites and fiddle with my email on my iPhone. I did learn a great deal about doing that, which is a good thing. Now if I'd just upgrade it to the 2.0.x software I could really be on top of things.

But here's what I did following the items listed in the blog post immediately below this one.

1. Thoroughly cleaning the house. Oh, please. No where close. But I did thoroughly clean up my workspace so my clean little computer has somewhere clean to put her feet.

2. Bathrooms and kitchen. I actually did a fair bit here. I can be righteous about number 2.

3. Flower beds. One or two. A little bit.

4. Bathroom drawers. YES!

5. Shelves of manuscripts. No.

6. Visit friends uninvited. No. So I didn't go out to lunch either.

7. Rent movies I want to see. No.

8. Read. Yes, I did this. Finished one book, started another.

So I learned I'm 1) much too attached to my computer and 2) this has got to be the biggest time-waster there is (when I'm not writing). How did I use to waste time before there were computers? I'd say I was too busy to do so, but please. Hmmm... maybe there used to be something worth watching on TV?

Nah. The memories are just skewed.



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