Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Movie reviews

I realized I hadn't been listing the movies we've watched. Best reason: we've seen so few because, IMHO, there hasn't been anything out there worthy of the cash outlay. But of those we've chanced:

Black Dahlia: Rented it and for the $1.40 we spent, we wasted money.
The Departed: Quite good. For the $10 +/- at the hotel, it was a good deal. Worthy of the outlay.
Music and Lyrics: Harmless fun, but in truth, a renter.
The Devil Wears Prada: I had seen this in the theatre and enjoyed it (worth a matinee), but rented it for my husband and rewatched. He liked it too.
Name Sake: Indie movie about Indian family's struggle for assimilation and yet to retain their identity. Saw it at an independent movie house where the matinee cost more than my regular evening fare here. It was worth that. I did find the trailer to have been a bit deceptive, in that I expected a physical journey through our hero and that wasn't it at all.
A Good Year: The Russell Crowe vehicle that was lambasted last season. We enjoyed it. While a renter, it was worth matinee-money. Reminded me of a romance novel from the hero's point-of-view where he (and not the traditional heroine) is the fish out of water.
Keeping Mum: Maggie Smith. British. Loaner from a friend with Netflix. I thanked her, but I'm glad I didn't even rent it.
Waitress: Another indie. Despite some of the ethical issues I have with it, if I make myself concentrate solely on her journey to independence, then it was very good. Somewhere between matinee and full price worthy. And there's a website with recipes!



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