Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Deja Vu

We were at a large sporting event once and I was idly people-watching. With the exception of team supporter shirts, I didn't see a single shirt or jacket twice. Thousands of people and no one was wearing the same thing. Maybe that's why it surprised me to pop onto someone else's blog and find that they are using the same template as this one.

If you have a Blogger blog, you know how the sign-up process works. At some point, you scroll through the templates and pick "yours." I see the green boxes and think Sisker's Lair. It was quite a surprise to find that other people have had the same notion and put their own name on it!

So, out of curiosity, I've been running a survey of blogs. I used Romancing the Blog as a starting point, visiting every blog mentioned there. Granted, the populace are all interested in romance, whether they be in the industry, authors, or readers. I found that while I felt my blog template was "all over the place", there are others more common, JH Thomas and Romance Magicians to name two.

There are variations on the color of my greener than green template: Slingwords is but one example.

There was one intriguing idea floating around, the Thursday Thirteens list. I may have to try it.

But as for those with my template, I'll list who I found so you can visit and do a double-take.

The Rejecter
author CS Harris
Allie's Musings
English author Anna Lucia
author Cindy holby
Harlequin American Romance authors
author Paula Graves
American Housewife and eBook Author
I just finished reading...
newspaper editor

That's a dozen. So, if you add me, that would make my Thursday Thirteen. On Wednesday.


At 10:45 AM CDT, Blogger Joan Reeves said...

Hello, Kay Sisk. I was doing a little blog research and found you through your link to my SlingWords. Liked your 13 Thursday approach. Joan Reeves


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