Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Presented for your viewing (dis)pleasure

Yesterday I caught a quick lunch at a fast Mex food place. Order at the counter, grab your drink, sit down and the buzzer goes off ASAP. Can't complain about the service. What I am complaining about--and it's not just at fast Mex food places--is the choices offered on the large TV screens.

Sports. All the time. Sports. Maybe, if you're lucky, there's two different channels on the three, four, or five screens. Perhaps the closed captioning is on. But yesterday, the area was under a flash flood watch and had already had a trying time of it rain and wind-wise. But, on the screens? Sports.

It was noon. There were news and weather channels available and perhaps I should have asked for a change of station on at least one TV. I'd have liked to see the big picture before setting out for home. Because it's not like anyone was watching the sports. They were all involved on their phones or computers. Probably watching the radar because it wasn't available on the TVs.

I think the first tendency is to think that the staff was catering to the male clientele. Granted, many women enjoy sports, and I'm not suggesting a series of soap operas or old movies or the latest talk show, although I don't know how the latter would be any different from a sports announcer panel. I looked around the establishment and more than half of the diners were women and children.

Most of the time, I'm not in such a place long enough for it to matter and perhaps next time, given the same circumstances, I'll ask for a change to weather and news.


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